Dreams become realities because real is what ever you can dream of!


I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.
If I see it, then I will believe it!
When you want something badly enough, the whole universe will move to make that happen. How badly do you want your dreams to manifest ?

It’s time. Time to realize that in this life there is only one thing holding you back.

And that thing isĀ . No one else can stop us from realizing our dreams and no one else can make our dreams come true.

From the moment we set foot in this planet via mummy and daddy, we all have a purpose. Some changes the lives of everyone on the planet, some just change their own lives.

For whatever reason that we choose to make our lives good or bad, it’s all a matter of choice.
About 4 years ago I came across this company that makes jet’s or rather at that time they wanted to make jets. I thought it was another scheme and missed out the opportunity to invest some money in it.

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Well, I realise today, what feeling stupid must be like , because I didn’t or rather couldn’t see the possibility of that dream.

But 4 years down the road, i have seen my dreams manifest and now i am dreaming bigger and bolder.

Dreaming alone will not manifest the realities that we seek though. We have to to do everything we can without prejudices and FEAR.

Fear is of course as you may know the acronym for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.

A lot of times we are afraid what the realities of our dreams may be and we wimp out for afraid of the unknown even the the present is kinda crappy.

So, let your wings soar and fly high. Because your dreams can become a reality as your reality was once a dream.

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