Faaaark Normal …Am a freak and life is good…

Normalcy – Deconstructing the rules of society and it’s norm.

NORMALCY …. Really ?

Wake up. Brush your teeth. Poop. Shower. Stop. Soap yourself. Shower. Get dressed, skip breakfast. Struggle through traffic and noise and pollution. Work for 4 hours, hating every minute of it. Anticipate lunch from the moment you clock in. Go to lunch. Eat what you can afford. Go back to work to continue to hate every minute of it. Have a meeting with your boss whom you secretly wish would be struck down by lightning. Suffer through traffic and arrive home. Have dinner. Sleep. Continue this pointless routine for a salary that is just enough for you to continue this meaningless routine.

If you do the above, then you are NORMAL.


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Most families, friends and society will expect you to be NORMAL. Being normal is blissful ignorance. Meaning you know what you do or say or eat will eventually cause you so much more pain then this blissful ignorance is giving you. But you want to be NORMAL so bad, to fit in, so you rely on the words of those who have never set foot even for an inch outside of their comfort circles. And then you have these people (FRIENDS, PARENTS, SOCIETY) telling you about world economic, political trend, fashion, entertainment issues and even finance.

Now being a very abnormal person I find that extremely hypocritical and scary to an extent. If someone who guts fish for a living would come and give you advice on surgery you would laugh the person off as being insane. But when someone who is in your circle, but not necessarily qualified or learned in whatever it is that you for some weird reason have decided to get their advice on says something that to them is facts, you accept it , totally blindsided.  Now why is that?

Because it’s only NORMAL for people to ask for advice from their friends and family.

Listed below are the achievements of ABNORMAL PEOPLE

  1. STEVE JOBS – Known as psychotic and deranged to many of his close peers. Revolutionized music and the whole multimedia and the whole computing and video experience. FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND


  1. HENRY FORD – Was an open ANTI SEMITE. Had a weird personality. Revolutionized modern transportation. FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND


  1. THOMAS ALVA EDISON –Many who give reports of this man say that he doesn’t seem normal and is extremely obsessed. Gave humanity usable long term sustainable light bulbs and many other inventions. FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND


Truth is if I really wanted to  I could write and entire book with a list of “abnormal people” and their achievements.

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Now let’s go to the NORMAL people.

  1. JOE NEXT DOOR – Pays taxes and bills on time. Provides for his family. Never misses a day of work. Achievement? Well nothing much except that he got really sick and his insurance didn’t really cover his bills. So dies leaving his widow and children with bills and montages. BETTERMENT OF MANKIND?


Not even on the best day of his life.

Maybe not all you normal folks are like this, but quite a few might fit this mold or would eventually fall into a version of this mold.

Let’s get a bit analytical here on what the rules of engagement are when it comes to defining normalcy. This book was written towards the end of 2012. So let just analyze the last 100 years and study the change that happened every 30 years randomly until the year 2012.  As this is a geographically wide study I will just stick to the generics of it, but even that is enough to shake the foundations of what you believe and why. This analysis is not meant to disrespect and discredit anyone. The pure purpose and intent being to study and make compelling argument to the prevalence of change and what means something now may not mean the same in 10 years or even 100 years from now.

Starting at the year 1912.

Things that were deemed normal in the year 1912.

  • March 27 – Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo gives 3,000 cherry trees to be planted in Washington, D.C., to symbolize the friendship between the two countries.
  • August 25– The Kuomintang, the Chinese nationalist party, is founded.
  • Racism was an accepted norm. It was ok to open mistreat people who were different than the majority.
  • Money was based on the gold standard, meaning every dollar has its weight in gold.
  • Working hard and long hours guaranteed a safe secure job.
  • A good college education guarantees a better job with better salaries.
  • The world was a big place

30 years down the road a lot changed. And whether you wanted it or not, it happened. This is what happened just 30 years later in 1942 and it was considered normal.

  • It’s been a year after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the world has been catapulted to into World War II. (Hey what happened to the cherry trees?)
  • Racism was temporarily forgotten because every was united in fighting against the Japanese and the Nazi Germans.
  • Money was irrelevant because the norm of the world for the next 4 years and survival was the norm.
  • Studying and getting a secure job wasn’t key prerogative. The norm was to either join the army and defend your country or learn to serve your new masters.
  • The world was becoming smaller

And then the war ended and we got back to the usual cycle. Complacency and old patterns started taking place again. And 30 years later in 1972 this is what happened.

  • It’s been one full year since President Nixon totally cancelled the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold. This pretty much took the rest of the world of the gold standards and fractional lending system started to take a very strong root in global finances.
  • Its been 4 years since Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and the civil rights movement went into full swing. Perceptions were changing.
  • If you were from Asia, you were either a communist or a peaceful Indian incapable of defending your rights.
  • Degrees and education don’t necessarily guarantee a safe secure job.
  • The world was going through a sexual revolution, but sex was still taboo.

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Flash forward 30 years into 2002.

  • A large section of theAntarctic Larsen Ice Shelf begins disintegrating, consuming about 3,250 km (2,020 mi) over 35 days.
  • It’s been 2 years since the doom’s day prophecy of the doom mongers been proven wrong. The year 2000 came and went. Nothing happened really.
  • It’s been a year since the tragic 9/11 attacks and racism has taken a new face, the face of religion and extremism and made air travel for everyone pretty much difficult.
  • China is a fast emerging capitalist economy but with a communist platform.(That’s confusing but am sure they are just equally having a hard time explaining that too)
  • Education is now officially an industry. Graduates are being produced like cars from a production line. There is huge quantities but far less quality.
  • Sex is becoming a common talk amongst youth and sexual jokes and innuendos are not really as taboo as they were.

Finally to our current timeline in the year 2012, just 10 years down the road.

  • Barrack Obama goes on to become the first African American to be president of the United States for two consecutive terms. That says a lot about race and perception globally.
  • A new dooms day prophecy has been blooming. Well, I guess I will have to write a new addition to the book in the 2013 to say how badly that turned out now wouldn’t I ?
  • Sex and voyeurism is so widely accepted that role models of youth of the day all got famous and wealthy posting sexual pictures and videos of themselves and is being copied by youths worldwide.
  • Technology has progressed so much that secrecy is rarely possible in the world
  • Atheism and alternative religions a sprouting so much that some of them seem to be so made up.
  • The world is in its biggest finance meltdown

So how can you define something as normal? Things change every day. Normal is what the masses do to hide their inadequacies. You be better than normal. Be abnormal. Live your life by your design not anyone else, ever!

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There is a very clear and distinct pattern that leads us to our end result. Rarely it is the outcome of a series of misfortunes that lead us to whatever destructive outcome nor is it a series of lucky moments and situations that resulted in success. It may feel like it is luck or misfortune, but usually there are decision that was made a long time ago that leads us to this situation. Sometimes is our fault sometimes it is not directly our fault. But the patterns are usually there and we usually can recognize some of it but then we choose to ignore what our inner voice tells us because we fear, we fear what the truth entails.

For example, a woman walks into a bar scantily clad. She has a few drinks, has some fun, dances a little and goes home safe and sound. In another instant, a decently attired woman goes to school looking as boring as she can, by intent. She however is raped maybe even murdered.

Now the example is extreme and it may ruffle feathers, but the truth is there is a pattern. Is it the woman’s fault that she was raped ? Absolutely not ! Could she have done something to not be raped ?

Well that depends, but as with all crimes rape is a crime and people are never prepared for a crime, especially when they are the victims. So what could this victim of rape have done ? Nothing.

But the larger picture here is, the county, district or the nation where this incident happened, had it taken precautions, crimes such as rape, would be far less. But what happens when an incident like this happens, society, be it man or woman will usually blame the victim, in this case a woman. But say the victim survived. The pattern usually is clear. She might report the incident, might get pregnant with a child that she doesn’t want, imposed by society to carry that child, and go through all the hardships of raising a child which she never wanted in the first place.

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And she spends the rest of her life tortured emotionally. But, if this woman, decided to break the pattern.

She controls her body and the decision on what to do with her life, without the hypocrisy of society and what not, then, her pattern would be different. She would now go in the track of a woman who is empowered. Nothing can keep her down, even a crime as cruel as that. That trauma will be the catalyst for her greater growth. Look at women who have come out of rape strong. They are now role models. But also look at those who accepted the pressure of society. See where that pattern lead them.









Now this is an example that would make publisher sweat and stay away from my book. But it’s ok. My intent here is to very clearly make an analogy so readers will get what I am driving at their own pace and as their personal breakthrough. Hitler was a great mind. Any man who can get that many people to believe in a cause and deliberately cause millions of people to be killed and have pride in doing that is a clear example of someone who has great leadership and mental capacity. However he did not become a murdering dictator overnight. His pattern started with his distinct hatred for the rich Jews who he blames for his hardships. But the problem goes much further to his own birth. His upbringing. Hitler’s hatred and anger was actually motivated by fear. And that fear become so over powering that he ended up doing what he did.  Had Einstein been on the same pattern, the reality would have been very similar. Instead of being victimized, Einstein’s hunger to change the world, to make it a better place propelled him to do the great things he did.

In today’s world this example is not far off. The young of today have not gone through serious perils like the young who grew up in the years before the internet. However that lack of stimulation in the real world makes them yearn for real life challenges. Thus they get involved in all sorts of scandals. This is also a clear pattern. A pattern where they crave connection and growth. A very strong sense that all living beings have but has been put on the sidelines due to the advancement of technology. Humanity has never had so much opportunities to be connected,  yet be as disconnected as they are now from one another,  in the entire history of us having existed. And this pattern manifests itself into various subconscious levels of self-sabotage, just to get that experience. Life always finds a way.

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