Do this and see your business prosper in 90 days

Back in 2001 I was working for a company that sold video editing software. The was the dawn of man so to speak in the world of video editing with REAL TIME video editing capability for up to 2 channels. What that meant was that you don’t have to wait 2 hours every time you want to see how your video will look like. My then boss became very rich selling this particular piece of hardware and video. It was aptly called the toaster. As easy as putting bread into a toaster and pop it comes all cooked and ready to eat, same principle applied.


That was a strong fundamental value I learned about business. People want things to be toaster like. And there are times it can be toaster like, but there is a lot of times the toaster for that particular problem is not even near the drawing board. So there is no toaster and sadly there is no bread.

Even from when I was working with my then company I have always been hired on the side to create solutions, to consult and give workable outcomes. In the beginning not only did I give the outcomes as a consult but I did the outcome for my clients. This was a practice for a long time, as early as 2010 I was still doing this, but on a higher scale with very select clients.

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This limited my ability to phenomenally grow. To have that exponential growth because I am fixing other people’s mess all the time. But being fortunate enough I carved out about 2 weeks’  “free” time from my business, went on a self-imposed business retreat with my wife who also happens to be my business partner, human resource expert, financial turnaround guru and sweet lover of me.

We both had a massive brain drain because for 14 day’s straight we went through hours and hours of training materials and re-wrote our entire business plan from scratch.

We re-molded the consulting package into a different design, reshaped the pricing mechanics, the engagement period (less is more) and hit the market hard. Within months and I am not making this up, I quadrupled my billable amount and deals.

As a result, we chill more and make more. Clients are absolutely delighted and business grows.

Now it’s another re-plan.  We want to tackle the final frontier (you will hear a lot of Star Trek  references; live with it, am a diehard trekkie, NEXT GENERATION not the one with Shatner), to boldly go where many have  gone,star-trek-make-it-so-450x270

or succeeded but where I have till to day wasted so much money and time and still have not made a single sale online. This made me feel like a pretentious fake for years. You know like those guys who are so suave online but are huge geeks in real life and have ZERO social skills.

Except that in the real world I am literally a star (I was a film and tv actor and director) with a twitter following of about 100 or less people and a Facebook page of about 500 or less. I have clients who live by everything I do for them, businesses that run their whole operations on my philosophy and vision, executives who make millions from my actual word for word sales pitch and methods.

But online, I am an absolute unknown. I have never fathomed it. WHY!

8426545-angry-man-smashing-laptop-with-hammerDamned internet. Why won’t you buy!

Then I found this great guide (still have not made money from it though), and this literally knocked my socks off. The ideology of this is extremely simple. Do what you would do in real life, but ONLINE. Simple as simple can be right?

Why couldn’t I do it before? Because, everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs a spotter, a coach. Not a critique per say, but someone who will give you valuable feedback and actual actionable solutions.

Right here, right now, I am going to give you 3 actionable items that I did to totally, monumentally and spectacularly quadruple my offline or real world business in under 4 months.  Not a made up fact. Do it, you have nothing to lose but your perception. And you have everything to gain!


The  “ DO or DIE” Mantra

This is not just a mantra. When you are ready to commit to making your business grow 4x more , at least, you need to be committed to the idea. This is what I mean by commit. Actually break your day into slots. Every minute has to be accounted for. There is two ways of doing this. The Timing Quadrant or the Packet System.



The TIMING QUADRANT by far the SIMPLEST method to dedicate your  absolute 4X business multiplier commitment. 24 hrs broken into 4 chunks. 6 hour chunk goes to sleeping. If you are going to whine about how you need 8 to 10 hours of sleep, then maybe this is not for you. Sleep less. Is ok, when you die, you can sleep all day long and no one is going to bug you about it. The next 18 hours you chunk. Breakfast, showers and all the toilet stuff and getting ready do it within the A quadrant or between 6 am to 12 noon. No negotiations just get it done. If you take 1 hour to get ready that means you have 5 hours of productive moments left during the first quadrant. Most people, their active high functioning moment is only between 9 to Lunch. Everything kind of goes south after that. So technically if you want to engage, and motivate your staff and make your customers engage with you more…you only functional hour is between 9 to 12 noon. That’s it. I mean think about it, how do YOU usually feel after lunch.

The Next quadrant or B is where you stuff lunch and all that stuff. Quadrant B has a spike moment though. Between 2:30 to about 5 pm, people get a jolt in their system. Partially because the adrenaline starts kicking in again and they are just excited to go home and have dinner and SLEEP! So that’s another 2 and half hours max of productivity. So in any given weekday, you have a total of 5 and half hours only of getting anything done actually. Then you have you C quadrant between 6pm to 12 noon. This is your research, evaluation and wind down period. This is the time that you have to grow yourself personally. If you choose to waste it with some useless garbage that’s your choice. But this is “DO or DIE” philosophy. You either do everything you can to win or you drop dead and die. No more whining. I know this may sound harsh, but this is me in real life spotting and coaching. Being nice and loved is not my aim, getting you results, that’s the ONLY goal. The final quadrant, SLEEP. You must catch your sleep. Living charged like this your brain will need its rest.  Later Sunday and Saturday you can choose to just space out. But 90 days! All the way.




Many years ago I learnt this from Tony Robbins who in turn learnt it from Jay Abraham who in turn learnt it from Edward Deming’s. Now if you have never heard of any of this guy’s, don’t worry it doesn’t matter. All you need to know is it works. Toyota, Honda and countless other companies used this philosophy and it worked for them, it worked and is continuing to work for me. The secret sauce is “Continuous Innovation & Marketing”. That’s the key here. Most people I know and even me at a time spend a lot of time and money on warming up cold clients. Meaning people who don’t know you exist. What changed was I totally disregarded the cold market and focuses solely on my warm market and hot market. 90 % of my marketing budget is to delight my existing clients and past clients. I say past clients because they have bought everything I have to offer. From my cheapest programme to my highest end programme. But, I want them to remember me often or all the time if possible so that when I have something new, I would just have to give them a call and deal is closed. With the hot client, is like impressing a new date. I keep surprising them and getting them wowed all the time or when they least expect it. This keeps things spicy. Now what do I do exactly?

Every month I send my clients a little gift. A customer delight I call it. No sales, no gimmicks, none of the buy this and that. Just little gift and trinkets with a well thought of card or letter to supplement. I also send them thank you cheques in the mail for their referrals.  Anniversaries, birthday’s and any personal moments are all sent greeting cards, NOT E-MAIL greetings, actual cards and gifts. Not many people do this anymore and when you do it, you absolutely wow them. Make the gifts creative and meaningful. It will definitely work to your benefit in making your customers build a relationship that’s is of trust and fun with you.




This simple yet highly effective method alludes so many good people. I can’t tell you how much money this one single act has made me over the years. Again, not kidding, not making it up. Do it and you will know it’s the truth.  I have a journal that I carry with me everywhere. I have plenty of clients and the moment I walk out of my session with them, honestly I cannot remember any specifics. So during our meetings I jot down everything, in short hand, long hand, sketches. This makes it real for them and you. What happens is on my evaluation days I go through this journal and pick up one or two things that I can create easily and present it as a solution for the client and they are always more than happy to pay for this additional convenience. A lot of time the problems they have stems from the lack of thought time because they are in the pile. I have the luxury of being on the outside and finding a way out for them in any situation. And when I am able to solve years of struggle within a week or so, they just become raving fans.

So there you go, 3 very powerful, very simple to use ACTIONABLE ITEMS that will definitely grow your business in the next 90 days, and if you do it well by at least 4X.

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