6 Weeks to loose that fat belly…GET A COACH!

I never thought that I would write a fat guy blog who lost weight…But I got fat, and I stayed fat for like 4 years almost, and it affected everything. My ability to walk, my stamina, performance in bed, knee problems, joint problems, health problems. It also started affecting my stamina to work. I got tired easily, angry easily also hair started to thin out. Now I am not a doctor and I have no idea if all this things were connected, but I was lean and healthy until 2011. Then everything started sliding and I had to live through the worst 4 to 5 years in terms of physical agility because i stopped any form of exercise and threw caution to the wind when it comes to diet.

You name it, fried food, chocolates, late night meals, free flowing soda and all that excess sugar and carb just made me a round little object. It affected my personal confidence and my overall image. Pants were popping out, I was muffin topping heavily and my suits were getting really tight around the middle.

I also was loosing my chin and started to look like a bullfrog. You might think I am shallow and superficial,but the cosmetic effects of being fat is a direct translation of the inner ailments manifesting. Swollen glands and weak muscles are just some of it.

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Not sexy
Not sexy

Then I started looking for alternatives. I needed to work out and couldn’t find the one thing that mattered.

The motivation.

I tried a gym,now mind you in my youth i trained to be a personal trainer, a dream that never quite materialized, but helped me in my acting days on Malaysian TV.

But the motivation is no longer the same. Am no longer a TV personality, though i still am in the public eye as a premier business coach for the CEO’s,my current job requires me to be in a suit, so that’s 2 layers of excuse that i got by.

When the suits started to balloon, I almost got a type of underwear that pregnant women wear or worse a goddamned CORSET! It may solve the problems momentarily, but that doesn’t stop the bullfrog neck and lack of stamina from continuing.

After complaining that I did not have time and bla bla bla, I got Yoga lessons. They were torturing and I did sweat a lot, but I didn’t get to even 10 sessions before that failed to happen.

Next I tried boxing. Boxing is very popular in the Philippines and everyone was into it including a lot of my big CEO clientele so I tried it as well. Bought the gloves and wraps (which is now sleeping in the boot of my car for the last 6 months). Did it with discipline for a few weeks then, the trainer’s kinda sucked and were just interested in flirting with the young girls who came in there rather than focusing on their clients. I gave that up.

One day, my daughter asked me to take her to her friends house in Maria Luisa and on the way I noticed a new shopping arcade, called Street Scape. Right at the corner was a gym called FITNESS NATION. Looked kinda new and went in for a visit. The owner himself, Mr. Cedric showed me around and asked me what was my fitness goal.

Well, if it was 15 years ago I would have said it was a beach body, but now, it’s probably not to die. He also laughed and gave me  the pricing and about a week or so later I signed up. The gym itself came with a 3 personal training sessions.

Cedric & Hermito of fitness nation
Cedric & Hermito of fitness nation

Now, no gym could change the way I looked and felt, unless it was my choice and my state of mind, but this gym and it’s trainer, one in particular, a Mr. Hermito who is insane and I want to kill him after every session, but am too tired to do so, helped me push my personal limitations.

So in six weeks, I transformed. I who used to do ramp modelling topless and would take of my shirt with a moments notice, became like an old maid who covers her areas because she is shy of the stretch marks. I was just shy of my fat belly and loose chest and weak form.

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A lot of it is diet, but good old weight training with a coach that pushed my target from staying alive to beach body made it happen. I pushed my boundaries and got into a discipline that I missed. And I would be forty in a few more years, but I refuse to look 40 when you have a choice. The choice is to look good and stay healthy. The thought is there, the know how is there. So many weight loss and workout programmes are available for free on the net.

Before and after...not a fat bastard...
Before and after…not a blob

But none of it will help you if you do not do it. Sounds cliche’, I know, but 6 weeks of results happened only when I decided for it to happen and got a coach who was paid to kick my ass every morning. And kick he did, but without the right coach, in life, business or health, we are just wasting a lot of time and resources not making things happen.

Now you may think, Amar, you are a business coach. Why the heck are you sending me pictures of you in a bathing suit and topless. Well, no malice there. Like I have always said, lead by example, unless I couldn’t do it, it’s not fair for me to ask you to do it. If you want your business and life to transform within weeks and months, get a coach first. Next follow through. 50% of your achievement is you. I will help you with the first 50%, because your goal in business is not just to be alive, is to thrive and have a bitching beach body of a business that you can and should flaunt.

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